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color swatches, fabric swatch book and dress fabric

Mix & Match Colors

Wedding planning has never been easier with our selection of color and fabric swatches! We offer swatches for all of our colors and each color swatch comes with all of the fabrics available in that color. That way, you can mix and match textures and colors with ease to find the perfect color palette for your wedding day.

Easy Wedding Planning with Swatches

Create a mood board with these color swatches to find the perfect color palette for your special day, or use it to create the most beautiful Pinterest worthy bridal party. Swatches are also great to show your wedding planners to find complementary colors for your decor and accessories. These luxe fabrics will be able to show you how your favorite color will look in various fabrics like satin, chiffon, or tulle - so you can plan your wedding day like a pro. Get inspired now with a free color swatch by joining our newsletter!